Los Angeles Magazine- After being on the road non-stop, it was great to spend some time in my foggy neighborhood for LA Magazine. Nothing better than walking down the street to Outerlands for an amazing meal and shoot, biking around Land’s End and heading over to the always interesting De Young Museum. 

There are lots of great up and coming, independent magazines around these days, and I’ve loved collaborating with Kinfolk, Anthology, and Tiny Atlas Quarterly.  This time around I did a feature for my friends at Weekend Almanac, co-started by the very talented Ali Ziegler, who is a creative director I’ve worked with on several editorial and cookbook projects. It’s fun to go from big, highly produced shoots to loose, intimate projects, and for this assignment, I got to stay in my neighborhood, which felt like paradise after being on the road so much. 

New work for Condé Nast Traveler- Hot Tables 2013! I had a the best time shooting this- visiting some of my favorite restaurants in the Bay Area and checking out a few new ones.  My top pick is the The Ramen Shop in Oakland, where I also recently shot for Kinfolk Magazine. Saison is gorgeous and the food is top notch- I had photographed Chef Joshua Skenes a few times before at their old location, and it was great to see the new space. It’s not easy to score a reservation at Rich Table, but worth it. And, if you’re in Wine Country, go to Redd Wood for great pizza and cocktails. 

Epic waves in my backyard yesterday- Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Feels good to be home.

Epic waves in my backyard yesterday- Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Feels good to be home.

location, location, location! i ♥ san francisco.

I’ve been location scouting in San Francisco for an upcoming shoot, and I’m once again reminded of how photogenic and great this city is. Once the summer fog rolls in, I will likely change my tune and hit the road. I’m headed to Colorado, British Columbia, Chile and Argentina in the next few months. Give me a call about assignments near or afar.